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NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal Upgrades

Price: $299.99
Manufacturer: Nuance Communications

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Upgrade Options:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal is enterprise-ready speech recognition software lets legal professionals create documents and control their PCs by voice — three times faster than typing — to reduce transcription costs and increase staff productivity. Designed specifically for the legal community, Dragon Legal includes a special language model to help you achieve optimal out-of-the-box accuracy when dictating legal terms, automatically formats legal citations, and offers third-party correction features to speed document turnaround and reduce reliance on support staff.

New in Dragon 13

  • 15% More Accurate out-of-the-box than version 12
  • Faster than ever
  • Full Text Control in supported text fields on the Web including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.com
    Internet Explorer 9, FireFox (12 or higher) and Google Chrome (13 or higher)
  • Supports WordPerfect X7 and OpenOffice Writer 4.1 with full text control
  • Automatically detects the best audio devices available
  • Supports microphones built into many of the latest laptops for optimal flexibility and convenience

Create custom voice commands to build and format document templates. Dictate into a digital voice recorder; Dragon will automatically transcribe the audio files upon connection to a PC. Dragon Legal even provides security features, configuration options, and administrative tools for managing large user networks.

Upgrades include software and documentation only,no microphone.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal Upgrades:

  • Legal to Legal: From Legal versions 11 & 12 to Legal 13

  • PRICING NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Professional to Legal:  From Professional version 11 & 12 to Legal 13

  • PRICING NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE Premium to Legal: From Premium 11 & 12 to Legal 13

    Not appropriate for medical clinical documentation.  This edition of Dragon does not include medical grammar and formatting rules, medical specialty vocabularies, and does not support dictation directly into Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems. For accurate medical transcription and EMR support, please use a Dragon Medical Edition.

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