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NuScribe Subscription Renewal

Price: $1,500.00
Item Number: NuSC
Manufacturer: NuScribe
Manufacturer Part No: Std Supt
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Renewing your NuScribe Subscription extends you current NuScribe Support Contract for 1 year.  The NuScribe support contract includes the NuScribe client software and secure data storage as well as any NuScribe or Dragon Medical training and support needed by the NuScribe user.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition:  If you are not using the latest version of Dragon Medical, consider renewing your NuScribe with the NuScribae and Dragon Medical upgrade package to get the latest version of Dragon Medical and take advantaage of the increased performance and accuracy as well as the iPhone mic option and other new features and save $150. To renew and upgrade your Dragon medical click here.

Older NuScribe versions.  To upgrade older NuScribe versions to NuScribe 2 and extend your Support Contract subscription for another year click here.

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